Nightshift Shawl in Akari

Nightshift Shawl in Akari

We are in the thrall of the Nightshift Shawl here at Loop! Not only did we knit one in Rios, but we went a completely different route and made one in Noro's new yarn Akari as well!

Nightshift is made using mosaic knitting. This consists of slipping stitches in pattern. Each section alternates between two motifs, and since Akari is a self-striping yarn, the bulk of the color changing work is done for you!

What's different about this yarn is that instead of each skein containing 10 colors like many Noro yarns, Akari is a subtle gradient of a single color family making for a softer, less overtly stripey look.

Also, Akari feels fantastic! This unique fiber blend of silk, cotton, mohair, wool and viscose (yes, all of those!) is soft to the touch but has a nice heft that makes for supreme coziness!

We used 1 neutral color for the background and then switched between 2 brighter colors every other section for the foreground. Akari has so much yardage that you could make this shawl with just 2 skeins, but we wanted to add more color! If you use 3 skeins you'll definitely have enough left to make a hat or a two!

To make our Akari version of the Nightshift, you'll need:

Background: 1 skein of Akari in Nachi Falls

Foreground: 1 skein each of Akari in Tottori Dunes and Toshima

US 8 32-inch circular needle Nightshift Pattern

Local friends, we have a Nightshift class on the schedule for July and August. Join us!