New Custom Colorway + Summer Sock KAL

New Custom Colorway + Summer Sock KAL

If you visit Loop in the warm weather, we'll most likely recommend that you have a Water Ice. No, not ice water but Water Ice. Outside of Philadelphia, this frozen treat is known as Italian Ice. Why is it different here? I have no idea! It's just one of our regional quirks - along with the fact that as Philadelphia natives we pronounce it Wudder Ice!

With this Philly favorite in mind, we collaborated with Philadelphia hand dyer Dye Is Cast Yarns to create our own special colorway: Wudder Ice!

Wudder Ice is dyed on Squish Wish Sock a 75% merino/ 25% nylon fingering weight yarn. This cool blue is sprinkled with delightful teal speckles for a festive feel with Philly flavor.

Wudder Ice Projects ideas:

- Try Rivulet with 1 skein, Pebble Beach  with 1-2 skeins, or Dotted Rays with 2-3 skeins.

- Knit a Tegna with 2-3 skeins or Featherweight with 2-5 skeins!

We love Squish Wish for socks and are hosting a Summer Sock Knitalong with Wudder Ice. Read on for all the details!



We are firm believers that handknit socks are the best socks. So, this summer we've decided to double down on our commitment to summer socks with not just one but TWO summer sock knitalongs!

KAL ONE - MAY 19th to JULY 14th

Our first KAL is simple. Knit your favorite go-to sock in our new Squish Wish Sock custom colorway, Wudder Ice (or any Squish Wish colorway that you like). You'll need one skein to make a pair of socks.

Come to our KAL kick off party on Sunday, May 19th from 3-5PM to cast on with Loop staffer Mary and see what everyone is knitting! If you can't make it to the party, we'll be sharing our progress on Instagram with hashtag #loopsummersockkal and we invite you to join us!

Stop by the shop to show us your finished socks by July 14th, or post a finished photo on Instagram and you'll be entered to win our Finishing Prize*: A skein of Squish Wish Sock in your choice of colorway!

Don't have a go-to sock? Here are a few suggestions:
How I Knit My Socks - Loop staffer Mary will be knitting this pattern!
Beginner's Lightweight Socks
Smooth Operator Socks

Hermione's Everyday Socks
Monkey Socks


Now that you've warmed up with your go-to socks, you're ready to step up your sock game by engaging in a little friendly competition!

For this KAL, there will be 2 teams: Team Toe Up and Team Cuff Down. Choose your team and cast on at our Kick Off Party on July 14th (and we can see those finished go-to socks!) Not local? Share your progress on Instagram with #loopteamtoeup or #loopteamcuffdown.

The team that has the most completed socks by September 15th wins! Custom yarn, pattern suggestions and prizes to be announced later this summer!

*You can knit along with any yarn but to be eligible for prizes, you must use Squish Wish Sock purchased at Loop.