Half Stripe Shawl

Half Stripe Shawl

Right now, The Half Stripe Shawl by Suvi Simola is at the top of our queue for Loft! Knit in 3 colors, this shawl has soothing stockinette and fun color-play! 

Suvi chose the colors pumice, sap + tartan. Here are some other light, springy combos we've put together!⁠

Half Stripe Shawl Color Combinations

Top left: pumic, sap + tartan.

Top right: snowbound, sap + tartan⁠.

Bottom left: narwhal, fossil + iceberg⁠.

Bottom right: barn owl, fossil + hayloft⁠.

Loft comes in many beautiful shades. Go with Suvi's original colors, select one of ours or choose your own!

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