Weaving with Liz Gipson

March 28, 2017

Weaving with Liz Gipson

Liz Gipson returns to Loop for another fun weekend of rigid heddle weaving May 12-14, 2017. It's Mother's Day weekend, so get the family to treat you - or treat yourself!

FREE! Friday, May 12 from 5-7pm

Come meet Liz and see many of the samples from her forthcoming book Handwoven Home. If you have dreamed of living in a handwoven home, now is your chance to get some inspiration!

$145 - Saturday, May 13 from 10am-5pm (includes a 1-hour lunch break)
Click here to register online!

Weave a wee table runner in a beautiful organic cotton. This class is designed for weavers with little to no weaving experience, although all levels welcome. You’ll learn how to get those yarns on your loom (called “warping”), weave fabulous cloth, and finish your project – all in a single day!

You will walk away with more than just a table runner, you will learn all the fundamentals of weaving well, including how to warp your loom in 20 minutes or less, how to fix the most common weaving mistakes, and considerations for selecting yarns you can live with.

Homework: There is no homework for this class.

Materials: All materials are included and looms are provided for classroom use.


$145 - Sunday, May 14 from 10am-5pm (includes a 1-hour break)
Click here to register online!

Think that plain weave is all you can do on a rigid heddle loom? Meet the pick-up stick! With this simple tool you can create patterns galore.

Learn how to make weft and warp floats and when and how to combine them. In this class you will weave a small table runner. This pattern is easily translated into all sort of interiors and accessories. As with all of Liz’s classes, you aren’t just learning how to make a beautiful object, you are learning the fundamentals to weaving well.

Homework: Come to class with your pre-warped loom. You’ll receive the warping instructions after you register. Along with your 15-inch Cricket Loom and the tools that came with it, you’ll need a 10-dent rigid heddle and a pick up stick at least 9 inches long, all of which are available for purchase in the shop.

Materials: The yarn for this project is included in the class fee. Please come in to pick it up after you’ve registered. If you’re out of the area, let us know and we can mail the yarn to you.

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