Knitting for Action Wellness

Knitting for Action Wellness

We all know how good handknits make us feel and we want to give that feeling to as many people as we can this winter! This year we're focusing our charity knitting efforts on a fantastic Philadelphia organization, Action Wellness

Action Wellness was founded as Action AIDS in 1986 to help Philadelphians living with HIV/AIDS. It quickly became one of the largest AIDS service organizations in Pennsylvania. In 2016, they rebranded to become Action Wellness. While continuing to support those with living with AIDS, they have expanded their services to help all people with chronic illnesses gain access to the healthcare services they need.

We want to knit hats for as many of our fellow Philadelphians being served by Action Wellness as we can and we hope you'll join us. Here's what we're doing and how you can help: 

- We've posted a free pattern below for a chunky weight hat sized from baby through adult. Many of Action Wellness' clientele have families that could also use some handknits, so it will be good to knit a mix of kid and adult hats. It's so easy to whip up a hat or two while in between projects, or while you're working on holiday knitting!

- We're offering a special price on Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky. Normally $12/skein, for this project it's $9/skein. Shop online with code AW2020, or let us know you're knitting for Action Wellness when you're in the shop. 1 skein makes 1 hat.

- For every hat we receive from you, we'll donate $1 to Action Wellness. We're hoping to deliver the hats the second week of December to have them ready for the holiday season, so let's get knitting! 

You don't have to use this yarn or pattern to participate, but we do recommend something that is soft and machine washable. Thank you! 



premie (baby, toddler) [child/adult small, adult medium, adult large]

12 (14, 16) [18, 20, 22] inch head circumference


40 (40, 50) [60, 70, 90] yards of chunky yarn

1 set US 10.5 double-point needles

16-inch US 10.5 circular needle (for three largest sizes only)


3.5 sts = 1 inch in St st in the round


k2tog           knit two stitches together as if they were one


For the three smallest sizes, the hat is knit entirely on double-pointed needles. For the three largest sizes, begin with the circular needle and switch to the double-pointed needles for crown.



Cast on 40 (48, 56) [64, 72, 80] sts. Place marker and join in the round, being careful not to twist.

Work K1, p1 rib for ¾ (1, 1¼) [1½, 2, 3] inches.


Knit every round until peice measures 3½ (4, 5) [6, 7, 8] inches from cast on edge.


Round 1       *K3 (k4, k5) [k6, k7, k8], k2tog; repeat from * to end.

Round 2      and all even rounds - knit all sts.

Round 3       *K2 (k3, k4) [k5, k6, k7], k2tog; repeat from * to end.

Round 5       *K1 (k2, k3) [k4, k5, k6], k2tog; repeat from * to end.

(Premie size, skip to round 16.)

Round 7       *K0 (k1, k2) [k3, k4, k5], k2tog; repeat from * to end.

(Baby size, skip to round 16.)

Round 9      *K0 (k0, k1) [k2, k3, k4], k2tog; repeat from * to end.

(Toddler size, skip to round 16.)

Round 11      *K0 (k0, k0) [k1, k2, k3], k2tog; repeat from * to end.

(Child/Adult Small size, skip to round 16.)

Round 13     *K0 (k0, k0) [k0, k1, k2], k2tog; repeat from * to end.

(Adult Medium size, skip to round 16.)

Round 15     *K0 (k0, k0) [k0, k0, k1], k2tog; repeat from * to end.

(Adult Large size, go to round 16.)

Round 16     *K2tog; repeat from * to end.

Cut yarn leaving an 8 inch tail. Using a tapestry needle, pull the tail through the remaining sts, tighten, and weave in.