Elliana Scarf + Wrap

Elliana Scarf + Wrap

Simple to knit and beautiful to behold, Elliana is a shimmering scarf knit in Risoni silk. Risoni is a laceweight silk with thick and thin slub that creates a beautiful texture when knit up on a larger needle.

We originally knit Elliana as a scarf, but loved it so much we wanted a wrap too! 

The scarf version of Elliana takes 2 skeins and acts as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Add shine and sophistication to a summer dress or a holiday party ensemble!

Our wrap version uses 4 skeins of Risoni to create a soft, stunning piece that you drape around your shoulders to dress or scrunch down into a scarf for casual everyday wear.

To make Elliana, you'll need:

2 (4) skeins of Risoni
US8 24-inch circular needle
FREE Elliana Pattern- to be included in your order, when you purchase 2 or more skeins of Risoni.