This lapped-front turtleneck pullover in Shaker rib effortlessly blends comfort and simple style. The boxy silhouette is offset by the inverted V of the open fronts, which grow gradually through decorative increases within the rib structure until they cross over the heart. Modified drop sleeves complete the roomy fit.

The back, front, and sleeves are knit flat and seamed, with the circular collar worked from stitches picked up through both fronts to unite them. The Shaker rib is crisply defined in Arbor and creates a fabric with drape and movement. Tubular edge treatments ensure elasticity and durability in the single-rib cuffs, hem, and turtleneck band.

For bust sizes 36¼ (39¾, 43¼, 46¼, 49¾, 52¾, 56¼) inches, you'll need 13 (14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22) skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Arbor yarn

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