Cirro + the Cloud Cowl

Cirro + the Cloud Cowl

"Halo" knits are so popular right now! Trending in everything from sweaters to accessories, halo fabrics are usually made by carrying a standard strand of yarn with a strand of fluffier yarn, which give normally flat knitted fabric surfaces a plush, gloriously hazy, haloed effect. The Fibre Company's Cirro will add a whole new dimension of halo options to your knitting projects!

Cirro Yarn

There's a lot to love about Cirro. One fantastic attribute is that because it's sport weight, it can stand on its own to deliver a light as air, fluffy halo to your knits -- no need to carry it with another yarn! Here it is, knit up using our 1 skein Cloud Cowl pattern, a great palate cleansing project, or a fun way to jump back into knitting if you've been away for a while. (Bonus: we'll gift you the pattern for free with your yarn purchase!)

Shades of Cirro Yarn

What gives this yarn its angelic fluffiness? Brushed alpaca! As a blend of 40% Suri alpaca, 40% organic cotton, 20% Merino wool, Cirro's fluffy, brushed effect is created by wrapping long, lustrous Suri alpaca fiber + merino around an organic cotton binder thread to achieve a light and airy yarn perfectly balanced for body and drape.

Cloud Cowl in Cirro Yarn
Cirro's delightfully soft, haloed fabric is light as a feather yet warm as toast and can be comfortably worn next to the skin!

To knit your own Reversible Rib Cowl in Cirro you'll need:

  • 1 skein of Cirro
  • US6 16-inch circular needles 
  • The pattern is FREE with your purchase and will be emailed to you automatically! 

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