Age of Brass & Steam in Mirai

Age of Brass & Steam in Mirai

The Age of Brass + Steam Shawl is one that we turn to time and again for easy summer knitting. Our latest effort is in Noro's Mirai, a soft, drapey yarn with all the amazing Noro color, but none of the wool! Mirai is a cotton, silk & viscose blend that is just the thing for a warm weather project fix.

Age of Brass and Steam Shawl in Noro Mirai Yarn

The Age of Brass + Steam is a simple, top down shawl that knits up quickly in stockinette punctuated by the occasional eyelet row. The shawl does begin with a garter tab cast on, which if you haven't tried before, you can watch our video tutorial to get started.

Noro Mirai Yarn

Because Noro yarns have such long color repeats, the skeins can look dramatically different from one another. So, don't worry if you receive 2 skeins that don't look alike- as long as the numbers on the ball bands match, you're all set!

To make this shawl, you'll need:

2 skeins of Mirai- we used color #9.
1 US8 40-inch needle
Free Age of Brass + Steam Pattern