Playground Pullover

Playground Pullover


The Playground Pullover is a simple, rugged sweater that is perfect for all-day playing and looks great on a boy or girl.

Worked from the top down in one piece, the sweater is generous in fit so it layers well over jeans or overalls, and has a center cable pattern on the front that is reminiscent of traditional Gansey sweaters.

Finished chest measurements are 22 (23.5, 24.5, 25, 27.25, 29.25, 30, 32.25) inches - plenty of room for growing!

You will need 360 to 560 yards of worsted weight yarn, based on size, 16-inch and 24-inch circular needles in sizes 5(3.75mm) and 7(4.5mm), and double pointed needles in those sizes also.