Isager Tokyo Shawl

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The Tokyo Shawl Kit ships for FREE in the US!


Marianne Isager's Tokyo Shawl combines beautiful color and simple knitting for a stunning wrap you won't want to take off! 


The wrap is 26 inches wide and 68 inches long - giving you lots of warmth and wrapping options. It's knit with Isager Alpaca 1 and Spinni (aka Wool 1), holding two strands together throughout and working with a size US 6 needle.


Each kit contains:
a printed copy of the pattern
200 grams of Isager Alpaca 1
50 grams of five shades of Spinni (Wool 1)
small skeins of three shades of Spinni (Wool 1)


You'll need a 24-inch size US 6 needle, and you'll be ready to enjoy hours of fun knitting and years of wearing your shawl!

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