Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed Yarn

It's not often that an artist is able to create his or her medium, and that's exactly what Jared Flood has done with his Brooklyn Tweed yarns - Shelter and Loft. He experimented to find the right blend of wool and decided on fiber from Targhee-Columbia sheep from Wyoming. Targhee is known for its softness, while Columbia adds strength and structure.

Jared worked with a mill in New England that's been spinning wool since 1794 to produce a woolen-spun 2-ply yarn. The result is a light and airy yarn for the garments and accessories he wanted to design. And it's completely American made!

Since he began in 2010, Brooklyn Tweed has published a large collection of designs for Shelter and Loft yarns. Click here to see all Brooklyn Tweed's knitting patterns!